Arianna Ross ~ Story Tapestries


Support from funding resources and partnerships will allow us to:

  • Deliver more programs to empower and educate others so that they may use arts integration in their personal and community development

  • Build awareness about our work and the impact it has on others

  • Increase an understanding of the relationship between the arts and our intellectual, physical, and emotional development

  • Motivate people to support Story Tapestries’ work with a financial commitment and/or through participation in program implementation

In... We reach... For an ave. cost of...
1 day of high-impact performances 600 kids/families/adults $1.50/audience member
3 hours of professional development training 40 adults $17.50/participant
5 day residency program of in-depth arts Integration programming 125 kids and at least 5 adults $34.60/participant

How We Give Back*

  • Your logo seen by the hundreds of individuals, businesses and community organizations we reach daily and viewed as a support of arts and culture and education initiatives

  • Your name/company listed as a sponsor on our website, Facebook, Myspace and in our E-newsletter communications

  • Your name/company mentioned at every event you sponsor

  • Knowing that your dollars are helping people re-shape their lives in positive ways every day

* Please note recognition is based on the level of support received